La Toilette is delivered as a folded. Just pop it up and La Toilette is ready to use!

Clumping biodegradable cat litter is included in La Toilette.

Depending on use, La Toilette can last up to a month.


No more unpleasant toilet washing, as La Toilette doesn’t have to be washed! Clumping biodegradable cat litter is included in La Toilette. As a hygienic cat toilet, La Toilette is the perfect solution also for cat hotels, catteries, veterinarians and rescue homes.

Cats love the cleanliness and they’ll take La Toilette quickly as their own!


La Toilette is made of a thin, lightweight and 100% biodegradable material. Clumping biodegradable cat litter is included in La Toilette. It is delivered folded, saving space, the environment and nature in transportation.

After use, La Toilette can be disposed of with litter by composting or other household waste and replaced with new one.

La Toilette is ecological throughout its life cycle!

Easy to use

No more washing your cat toilet, storing cat litter in your home or carrying heavy cat litter bags. Just open the folded La Toilette box and the cat toilet is ready to use! Clumping biodegradable litter is included in La Toilette box.

La Toilette is quick and easy way to take care of your cat’s natural needs.

Made in Finland

La Toilette is made in Finland, known for its pure nature. Storage, sales and marketing are also done in Finland.

La Toilette is a trademark that has been granted EU design protection.

We ship our products worldwide!


La Toilette is affordable to use as you get a cat toilet and litter at the price of litter alone. Because La Toilette does not need to be washed, you can save water, detergents and disinfectants. La Toilette is easy way to save nature and money.

La Toilette is also a handy companion for your cat. You can easily take it with you to a car trip, cat show or for a holiday.

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