Requires only little shelf space

Up to a month of service life

Folded and disposed of as biodegradable

Who buys La Toilette?

Biodegradable La Toilette is designed for the cat owner who appreciates cleanliness, ease and environmentally conscious. This cat toilet does not need to be washed, but after a few weeks of use it will be replaced with a new one. The old toilet is disposed of like any other biodegradable waste.

Thanks to its compact size, La Toilette is particularly suitable also for traveling cats.

Easy to sell

The La Toilette sales package is odorless, non-polluting and does not require a lot of shelf space. That’s why La Toilette is also great for those stores that don’t sell other pet products due to lack of space:

  • Traffic stations
  • Hotels, cruisers, spas, campsites and tourist destinations
  • Small grocery stores
  • Airbnb rentals
  • Veterinary centers and pet hotels

The sales package includes 2 cat toilets, meaning the home user of La Toilette returns to shopping regularly every 4-8 weeks. The shopping cycle for the traveling cat owner is even shorter.


La Toilette is priced to fit the cat owner’s purse. The sales package includes 2 cat toilets, the unit price of which is typically less than 20 euros.

A sack of good quality cat litter coming in plastic cat toilette costs the same, in addition warm water, detergents and disinfectants are needed. La Toilette will therefore be even cheaper to use.


La Toilette cat toilets are designed and manufactured in Finland. Fast and flexible deliveries directly from our Kerava warehouse!

  • Sales package (2 toilets) customer price approx. 39 €
  • The package contains 2 cat toilets
  • Package size 36 x 15 x 46 cm, weight approx. 7 kg
  • Delivery batches eg. full half pallet (18 pcs) or full euro pallet (40 pcs)
  • Smaller delivery batches are also possible, we pack as you like
  • Fast deliveries all over Europe
  • Collecting from Kerava warehouse is also possible

Become a reseller!

We are looking for new distributors and resellers for our innovative new product. When you want to sell your products to active and environmentally conscious cat owners, take La Toilette to your product range.


Sari Nikkanen
Product manager
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+358 440 597 795